Golf ABC

For development and promotion of golf as an Olympic sport Latvian Golf Federation implements and supports a number of training programs, with particular attention to the growing involvement of children and youth.

In collaboration with internationally well-established Antique Golf Club ( R & A) Latvian Golf Federation in 2011 launched the " GolfsABC " program using a wide range of acclaimed SNAG equipment and training methodology that enables a simple, exciting and at the same time very effective way to learn the basic skills necessary for playing. Quickly acquired skills provide an invaluable contribution to the future mastery of golf.

Latvian Federation of Golf is to introduce golf to a new audience - mostly children and youth, however the "GolfsABC" program is also perfect for the adults. Studies have shown that a large proportion of the public would like to play golf, but these people have so far refrained due to misperception barriers.

GolfsABC helps dispel many prejudices that are associated with golf:

Golf is very expensive? This tutorial provides a spectacular value for little cost!

The game is too complicated? SNAG equipment and equipment simplifies training and makes it a fun activity!

Not enough time? SNAG lets you play nine wholes in less than an hour!

Time is too valuable, in order to not spend it with the family? Golf can be a real family passion, and SNAG is perfect for the entire family!

Golf is not a sport? The return to Olympic sports program demonstrates the high value of the sport!

Golf is a game for old men? With the emergence of young players, golf leaders have gained the confidence of youth, also many popular Latvian hockey and other sports representatives play golf.

Games GolfsABC training program is reduced to the very foundations , and made as simple as possible. A good coach in the program will be able to help teach a good permanent stroke - the training process is intuitive.

The system is designed through long-term scientific research, in collaboration with top golf professionals and pedagogy and training professionals. Training is aimed at beginners of golf, to later continue to improve skills in quest for the achievement of higher levels of sportsmanship.

Part of the young and talented players will be able to reach a professional level and will achieve success, but golf is a 20 -year development type of the sport in which the skill development path is long. Scientific study found that both men and women need 20 years to become a champion at the highest professional level. To become a world-class golfer, intensive training is required for at least 10 years.