The Board

Latvian Golf Federation has an executive board, which consists of nine members of the board. The term of office may not exceed four years. Secretary General is authorized to represent the Federation alone. Other board members are entitled to represent the Federation along with at least four other board members.

President - Armands Puče (Elected by LGF Members at the General Meeting on 19th of March, 2018) 

Members of The Board:

  • Armands Puče
  • Ainārs Počs
  • Guntars Dobelis
  • Santa Puče

Legal advice provided by Ivars Grunte


  • Biedrība "Golfa klubs Viesturi" - pārstāv Gunārs Pīlādzis
  • Biedrība " Saliena Golf Club" - pārstāv Kārlis Lūsis
  • Biedrība "Latvijas Pļavu golfa asociācija" - pārstāv Kristaps Matisons
  • Biedrība "Sieviešu golfa klubs" - pārstāv Ilze Krūskopa Kaleine
  • SIA "Krievupes golfa klubs" - pārstāv Vilis Krištopans
  • SIA "Golfs & Karti" - pārstāv Armands Puče
  • SIA "Golf Estate International" - pārstāv Artjems Mališkovs
  • Biedrība "Rekreācija RT" - pārstāv Līva Legzdiņa

Information for new members

Any sports association, legal entity or person can become a member if they are willing and able to assist the Federation in implementing the program. Federation members are admitted though a board member meeting based on the recommendations of the Board of the Federation. A legal entity that wants to join the federation must submit a written application from its representatives to the federation board. As well statutes and a copy of registration certificate and other documents that show relevant statutory decision-making. The Federation Board decides to recommend or not to recommend the member to the general meeting where it is decided whether the candidate will be admitted.

Information on Members

Federation Members Registration Number Address and Phone number Number of club members
SIA "Golfs & Karti " 40003452347 Mīlgrāvja iela 16, Rīga, LV-1034
tālrunis: 67394399
Biedrība "Saliena Golf Club" 40008084133 "Golfa laukums", Babītes pagasts, Babītes novads, LV-2107
tālrunis: 29468644
60 / 4
Biedrība "Golfa klubs Viesturi" 40008066706 Golfs Viesturi, Mārupes novads,
tālrunis: 29227696
102 /16
SIA "Golf Estate International"  40003835868 Golfs Viesturi, Mārupes novads, LV-2166
tālrunis: 26444390
- / -
Biedrība "Sieviešu golfa klubs" 50008066411 "Viesturi", Jaunmārupe, Mārupes novads,
tālrunis: 29265775
51 / -
Biedrība "Latvijas Pļavu golfa asociācija"  50008078251 "Avoti", Valmiermuiža, Valmieras pagasts, Burtnieku novads, LV-4219
tālrunis: 29499342
150 / 5
SIA "Krievupes golfa klubs" 40103846459 Kaļķu iela 11-1, Rīga, LV-1050
tālrunis: 29191428
Biedrība "Rekreācija RT" 40008161536 "Kalnzaķi", Krimuldas pag., Krimuldas nov., LV-2144
tālrunis: 29225443