The Latvian Golf Federation was established in year 1989. However, given the well known political situation in order to achieve international recognition in year 1990, in Sweden, the Latvian Golf Association was established. In 1991 The Latvian Golf Association thanks to the Swedish-Latvians particularly V. Freivalds efforts was recognized as a member of the World Amateur Golf Council. During the period from 1990 and 1994 Latvian Golf Association hosted the Latvian and Estonian national team competitions and Latvian Master title tournaments in Sweden. In 1995 all of the power and responsibilities of Latvian Golf Association where acquired by the Latvian Golf Federation. Throughout years 1995, 1996 and 1997 Latvian Golf Federation organized the Latvian Open, Latvian Championship and Latvian Master title tournaments in the golf course of Niitvälja, in Estonia. Since 1998 when the golf course “Viesturi” was opened all of the previously mentioned tournaments have been held in Latvia.


  • To manage and coordinate the work of golf sport
  • To coordinate the development of Latvian golf, which focuses on the support of healthy recreational activities, the renewal and advancement of physical and mental abilities, as well in achieving high results in sports in Latvia and abroad. 
  • To represent the sport of golf in the pertinent international sports organizations


  • Promotion of development of golf in Latvia. 
  • Support the initiatives of the creation of new golf courses in Latvia. 
  • Organization of golf related events in Latvia. 
  • Organization of International golf events.
  • Promotion of a healthy lifestyle.
  • Promotion of golf in Latvia.
  • Participation in international sports events and forums.
  • Representation at an international level.

Other types of activities that are permitted by the LR legislation which are aimed at achieving the objectives of the Federation.